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Electrocardiograph 6/12 channel Heaco ECG600G
  • Electrocardiograph 6/12 channel Heaco ECG600G

Electrocardiograph 6/12 channel Heaco ECG600G

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Electrocardiograph 6/12 channel Heaco ECG600G
Heaco 600G is a modern six-channel electrocardiograph that enjoys popularity among the leading cardiologists. Is ideally suited for use in clinics with a big flow of patients.
It differs in the convenient color touch seven-inch screen in which 12 assignments are synchronously reflected. Contains the built-in thermal printer with high quality of the press, and the modern digital filter allows to display an accurate electrocardiogram a curve. This device can write down up to 150 electrocardiograms in archive and print without stopping 90 minutes at completely charged battery, and also store more than 1000 these patients that is convenient for the analysis and statistics.
The electrocardiograph 600G includes a possibility of connection to the computer and the stationary printer. And upon termination of inspection of each patient the Heaco 600G electrocardiograph outputs the short diagnosis.
In this device there is a special port USB2.0 and the software for transfer of electrocardiograms on the computer for additional processing and storage at the database. It is also possible to write down and display 12 electrocardiograms curves along with the computer and to print the registered data on A4 format paper by means of the personal computer.
1. Electrocardiogram device;
2. Electrocardiogram cable (10 branches);
3. An USB cable for connection with the personal computer;
4. Paper of 110 mm;
5. Network cable;
6. Grushka-elektrod 6 pieces;
7. Clothespeg electrode of 4 pieces;
8. Grounding cable;
9. Instruction;
10. Warranty card;
11. Copy of the registration certificate of MOZ of Ukraine;
12. Copy of compliance of UKRSEPRO.
Type of a kandiograf Figurative
Screen type Color, touch
Monitor 7 size"
Number of electrocardiograms channels 6/12
Display on the screen of 12 channels
Simultaneous press (channels) 6
Record Synchronous
Width of paper is 110 mm
Connection to the personal computer Standard opportunity
The autodiagnosis Is
The autoanalysis Is
Press speed Automatic mode: 25 mm / with, 50 mm / page. Record mode: 25 mm / with, 50 mm / page. Manual mode: 5 mm / with, 6,25 mm / with, 10 mm / with, 12,5 mm / with, 25 mm / with, 50 mm / with, 100 mm / page.
Guarantee of 12 months
Producer of Heaco
Options: Additional accessories for electrocardiographs: A transport bag for the cardiograph
Additional set of an electrocardiogram of paper (10 pieces)

Information is up-to-date: 16.04.2019
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